On Sexuality And Proper Conduct

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Members of Sapphire Coven and Grove must adhere to the following codes of conduct:

1. Members will conduct their behavior concerning romantic/sexual/power dynamic relationships in accordance with the Coven and Grove laws on personal conduct. 

2. Members will not engage in sexual contact, sexualized behavior or a sexual relationship with any person they serve as a minister. In the case where a member chooses to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship with someone for whom they have previously served as a teacher, mentor, or minister, the member will observe a significant period of time during which no such services are rendered before initiating such a relationship.

3. All members are guided additionally by the expectations of the agencies or enterprises where they work, and by the standards of other professional organizations to which they may belong, regarding the establishment of sexual contact, sexualized behavior, or a sexual relationship with any person served professionally.

4. In all cases, members must be careful not to take advantage of those they serve. They should also not damage the integrity of the congregation, agency, or enterprise in which they serve. Clergy must always put the needs of those they serve above meeting their own romantic or sexual needs.

5. Members who would like to initiate a romantic or sexual relationship with a colleague, or peer, must be mindful of power differentials in the relationship. They should also always act in ways that protect the well being and dignity of the colleague who is more vulnerable. Members shall not be in sexual or romantic relationships with colleagues who are their students, counselees, mentees, or others under their direct or indirect supervision.

6. Sex shall never be required for any ritual or rite of passage.

Questions on our conduct policies?

Any questions or concerns on any of the above, please feel free to contact us for further information and clarification. We aim to be as transparent as possible on this site in our policies and standards of conduct. This way people can make informed decisions on whether or not to pursue becoming a member of Sapphire.

For more information, you can also view our Frequently Asked Questions. To learn more about the Blue Star Wiccan tradition please visit the Blue Star Foundation website.