Our Structure

Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

Blue Star and Sapphire have several different ranks in our initiatory structure. We begin with visitors, who then become students once they are ready to begin more in-depth study. Formal elevations are Dedicant, Neophyte, Initiate, Second Degree and Third Degree. At or after Third Degree, there is an additional Ordination Rite for those who want it. We expect that from Dedicant onward, the person will spend at least a Year and A Day minimum at each level.

Blue Star elevations and what they mean in our structure

Dedication – A Dedicant is one who has dedicated themselves to the pagan path. Once you are dedicated you become a member of our grove. This gives you the opportunity to learn more. Being a Dedicant is a laity position. You can stay there forever as a member of the Blue Star tradition. It’s considered one of the three stable positions. Not everyone can or should be on the path towards Priesthood and we in Blue Star recognize this and have created a place in our family for those people.

Neophyte – A transitional degree that puts you on the path towards clergy. Neophyte is not something you stay in. It is an outer court position that requires more responsibility and more work. Neophytes are expected to work on themselves as much as on other aspects to bring themselves up towards the responsibility of clergy.

1st Degree Initiate – Another of our stable degrees. Achievement of a first-degree initiation announces you as Priest/ess/ex and Witch. Unlike most other traditions, we don’t start our training at first degree. At this point, a first degree initiate is not only a member of the grove/outer court, but also a member of the coven/inner court. More responsibility is expected at this time.

2nd Degree Initiate – Again a transitory degree for one who is working towards their third degree. Achievement of the second degree confers the title of High Priest/ess/ex. More responsibilities in both Grove and Coven are expected as well as taking on students and rituals.

3rd Degree Initiate – a stable degree – At this point, a third-degree initiate may hive (form their own grove/coven). More teaching, more responsibility. A third degree can pass on the Blue Star Tradition.

Here in Sapphire, we also believe strongly in the presence of mirth and reverence. We like to have fun in ritual. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Even the Gods like to play! 

You can learn more about degrees, initiation, and the Blue Star structure on the Blue Star Foundation site.