Statement on Kenny Klein

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Two independent groups of Blue Star people have come together to express their thoughts about Blue Star and the arrest of Kenny Klein. The statements below represent their thoughts. They do not represent the thoughts of every member of the Tradition.

We of Sapphire Coven and Grove have added our own statement after theirs to reflect our thoughts on his recent passing.

First group’s statement on the arrest of Kenny Klein

Since our founding in 1974, the Blue Star Tradition of Wicca has been committed to positive service to the Pagan community. Like most Craft traditions, Blue Star is composed of many independent, autonomous covens and groves, and no individual or organization can speak for the tradition as a whole.

However, we wish it to be understood that we are committed to the wellbeing of our peers in the Pagan community, and that any act that harms the safety of others, especially families with children, is anathema to the values, principles, and teachings of our tradition.

We are deeply grieved at the news concerning Kenny Klein’s arrest. We pray that the investigation and judicial process will lead to truth, and that out of truth will come justice. We pray that all those affected by this issue will find healing and peace.

Keith Campbell, 3rd Degree, Philadelphia, PA
Lord Robin, 3rd Degree, Toronto, ON
Sabrina Mari/Sabrina Marie Chase, 3rd Degree, NJ
Catalina Castells, 3rd Degree, NJ
Louis Miller, 1st Degree, Serenity Coven, Rochester, NH
Arianthe, 1st Degree, Serenity Coven, Rochester, NH
Lady River/Diana McCleery, 3rd Degree, Minneapolis, MN
Iris, Minnesota
Heartsong/Sharon Igoe von Behren, 1st Degree, Rogue Star Grove, Baltimore, MD
Siobhra Aradia DeWar, NJ
Debbie Davis, Dedicant, Rogue Star Grove, Baltimore, MD
Nyx, 1st Degree, Boston, MA
Adlar, 1st Degree, Moonfire Coven and Grove, NJ/PA
Stacey Furtado, 3rd Degree, Moonfire Coven and Grove, PA
Bourdon Bee, 1st Degree, Vaud, Switzerland
Eithne/Margaret Wasserman, 1st Degree, Starlight Coven, MA
Lady Marigold, 3rd Degree, Minneapolis, MN
Lady Lynxx, 3rd Degree, VA
Ivy, 1st Degree, NYC
Silvertongue, 2nd Degree, NY
Mitchell Poulouin
Lady Shakti/Lori Sinatra, 3rd Degree, MA
Kestrel, 3rd Degree, Ireland
Silvertongue, 2nd Degree, NY

Second group’s statement on the arrest of Kenny Klein

One of the problems, and beauties, of a Tradition without a central leader is that there is no one who can speak “for the Tradition.” Every voice thus must be allowed its place. At the same time, we recognize our inter-dependency and the bonds we share. The voices of the undersigned Blue Star Third Degrees thus speak together, and only for ourselves.

In the matter of Kenny Klein, we have deepest sympathy for Kenny’s coven; as difficult a time as this has been for us, it is unimaginably more so for them.

We of course are deeply concerned and troubled by Kenny’s arrest. We are also unwilling to speak about an ongoing legal investigation about which we know no more than the rest of the general public. We *can* speak to our individual covens’ bylaws that generally provide for the most serious consequences for those convicted of such behavior as that which he is alleged to have committed. There isn’t really much more to say until our judicial system has made its decision.

This is a time of deep personal work for many of us, and that might have to be done privately or with a few trusted close friends. Naturally that processing will not be apparent to anyone else, and we respect that necessity.

Other members of Blue Star, even other Third Degrees, may feel very differently, and that is their right. It is our hope that this matter may be resolved justly, and lead to growth in our various communities.


Lady River/Diana McCleery, Minneapolis, MN
Lord Robin Martin, Minneapolis, MN
Lady Miel, Minneapolis, MN
Lady Marigold Minneapolis, MN
Sabrina Mari/Sabrina Marie Chase, NJ
Keith Campbell, Philadelphia, PA
Lady Esther, Minneapolis, MN
Lady Wisteria, Minneapolis, MN
Lord Gwydion, Minneapolis, MN
Lord Fidelis, Minneapolis, MN
Lady Wren, Coon Rapids, MN
Lord Michael, Minneapolis, MN
Lord Phoenix, Toronto, ON
Lord Bliss, Minneapolis, MN
Lady Jasmine, Melrose, MA
Lord Robin, Toronto, ON
Lady Marigold, Minneapolis, MN
Silvertongue, NY
Cat Castells, PA
Lori Sinatra, MA

Members of Blue Star not of Third Degree who wish to endorse the above statement:
Chrysalis/Cindy McDaniel, Dedicant, MO
Heartsong/Sharon Igoe von Behren, 1*, Rogue Star Grove, Baltimore, MD
Adlar, 1*, Moonfire Coven, NJ/PA

Statement from Sapphire on the death and actions of Kenny Klein

Saturday July 11th, Kenny Klein passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer. We condemn his actions that he took in life and any like them from every quarter. At the same time, we recognize that he influenced many people’s lives, so many people are experiencing complex emotions at his death. We hold compassion for those who are grieving for the man they thought they knew, but also for the people who will now never find closure from the damage he did.

We personally as survivors, abhor abuse of power in all its forms. Sexual abuse is particularly noxious. Our coven/grove and downline holds firm boundaries and will not stand in Circle with abusers, nor tolerate them in our spaces.


Jack, 3rd Degree, HP of Sapphire Coven and Grove
Raven, 2nd Degree, HPx of Sapphire Coven and Grove