What Is Blue Star?

Blue Star is a Teaching Tradition and has a hierarchical learning structure that is typically found in British Traditional Wicca, but with none of the “holier than thou.” The structure exists to facilitate learning and growth, not authoritarianism. Each Coven is autonomous, though all are connected through a “family bond.” We even refer to our bi-annual get-togethers as Family Gatherings.

Like other initiatory Wiccan traditions under the umbrella of British Traditional Wicca, we observe the Wheel of the Year. We also have an Inner and Outer Court hierarchical system.

Our rituals within Sapphire are done in circles with two officiants acting as West and East roles. These officiants are traditionally known as Priestess and Priest respectively. In our coven, we refer to roles within a Circle in respect to their actions. Traditionally there are gendered names used for the roles within Circles. While not every coven and/or grove in Blue Star has chosen to make Circle roles gender neutral, we are not alone in doing so.

You can learn more about us, our history, and our traditions on the Blue Star Foundation site. In addition you can also contact us if you wish to learn more about Sapphire Coven and Grove and/or Blue Star Wicca.